Learn The Facts About Weight Loss Surgery

Living Bariatric is your home online for all things Bariatric and to learn more about Weight Loss Surgery.  So many of us begin this journey with only bits and pieces of information and need a place to find out the facts, ask questions and hear what others journeys were like.  This is that place for you, along with our private facebook group Living Bariatric.  If you decide to have bariatric surgery, we hope to be a great resource.  If you search here for information and believe this is a journey you can make without surgery, we encourage that too.  Stick around regardless. Soon we'll add some great information on health, nutrition and how our bodies react to weight loss.

Many who have surgery start out already not in the best of health, but little by little they're getting there.  Many more, like myself continue to struggle with chronic illness or disease.  It could be autoimmune, metabolic, diabetes, arthritis.... but whatever it is, sticking on this weight loss journey, even if its not perfect, will get your that much closer to reclaiming your health, and your life after weight loss surgery.  I'm going to tell you my story and share my resources.  Hopefully the more informed you are, the best decision you can make for yourself.  

Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix.  Many refer to it as the easy way out, something that literally makes my blood boil.  It is far from that.  I know for me, it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made.  You have to be prepared to change your entire life, all of it, forever.  And if you aren't ready, if you aren't committed, this could be a rough ride for you.  But armed with information, determination and confidence, it will be an exciting journey, and the best decision you've ever made!